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UK deliveries now available direct from our website with - FREE SHIPPING

20/04/2018 by D&B Poker

We are pleased to announce that as well as offering US shipments for physical books we are now also offering the same service to UK customers.

All physical copies will be shipped free of charge

Screen Shot 2018 04 20 at 14.52.02

All you have to do is go to any title on our site and click add to cart.


Chris Moorman wins, yet again

16/04/2018 by D&B Poker

Screen Shot 2018 04 16 at 14.07.52

Chris Moorman just never stops.

If you want to learn from the greatest online poker player of all time you have to check out his new book: Moorman


Michael Acevedo

03/04/2018 by D&B Poker

For those who didn’t know what Michael Acevedo, author of our Summer publication,’Modern Poker Theory’, looked like I’ve just uploaded a photo.

Click the link below…

Michael Acevedo


Qui Nguyen - looking like only Qui can

29/03/2018 by D&B Poker

Qui with book

If you’ve not seen his book already you can check it out HERE