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Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day - arriving soon

09/01/2020 by D&B Poker

Ashley Adam’s Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day will arrive in our US warehouse next week and will publish in February



Our own interview with Alex Fitzgerald

03/01/2020 by D&B Poker

We recently interviewed Alex Fitzgerald, author of 2 our bestselling books: The Myth of Poker Talent and Exploitative Play in Live Poker.

Here are his responses to the 6 questions we asked him:

  • If you were to introduce yourself to those players, perhaps especially those in Europe, who don’t know Alexander Fitzgerald, how would you do it?

I would tell people that I am primarily a coach. I still play poker and I love poker, but what I seem to do well is teach people how to play poker.

I focus mostly on low-to-mid stakes games, because those are the stakes where my exploitative combinatoric and data-driven approach seems to kill. My style succeeds in online tournaments up to $109s. It works in many Sunday majors because they’re loaded with tourists, especially those $215s. It works in live tournaments up to $3,500s, although in Vegas, Los Angeles, and Eastern Europe it’s a little different. It works for up to $1,000 events there.

For those who are curious about my playing career…


A Girl's Guide to Poker - published

03/01/2020 by D&B Poker

Amanda Botfeld’s,’A Girl’s Guide to Poker’ is now shipping from our US distributor out to retailers.

A Girl's Guide to Poker

Full details HERE


Happy New Year

01/01/2020 by D&B Poker

We’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Thank you for supporting D&B thro’ 2019. It is very much appreciated.

All the very best for 2020

Dan & Byron


And the xmas number one bestselling poker book on Amazon is...

26/12/2019 by D&B Poker

Delighted to be able to say it’s Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo.

Screen Shot 2019 12 25 at 18.26.51

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