Advanced Limit Hold'em Strategy
Techniques for beating tough games

Barry Tanenbaum

US Sep 2007 / Europe Aug 2007
ISBN 9781904468363 | 256 pages, 229 x 152mm/6 x 9


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Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy is a revolutionary book. Top limit hold’em players have techniques that have never been fully explained… until now.

Barry Tanenbaum has played winning middle limit hold’em for over twenty years, and has been a full time professional for six. One of America’s top poker coaches, he fully understands these techniques and, in this book, he explains them.

Barry breaks advanced techniques into fundamental factors with clear instructions on how you can implement them to make much better decisions.

Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy includes:

  • An examination of the techniques used by top players to create confusion and score extra profit.
  • An analysis of ‘card-independent’ strategies explains how to analyze all of the situational factors before you even consider your cards.
  • A comprehensive coverage of blind play.

In complex situations, many authors will simply tell you, it depends. As a professional player and coach, Barry tells you what it depends on, and what to do about it. This is not a book for beginners, but if you already play and want to understand advanced plays that win more money, this book will tell you how.

Barry is a noted Card Player columnist, having written over 60 columns and has been a featured speaker at three consecutive World Poker Player Conferences.