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Daily Fantasy Sports Unlocked explores how to be successful in the booming Daily Fantasy Sports industry through the eyes of Eric Crain, one of the most successful DFS players in the world.

In Daily Fantasy Sports Unlocked, Crain explains the strategy that has enabled him to score multiple big wins, including first place in the Draftkings Millionaire Maker in 2016. Crain lays his out his personal playbook for profiting at DFS. Topics include:

  • The DFS calendar: the best times to profit playing Daily Fantasy Sports.
  • Game selection: how to choose the right games for you.
  • The process: which stats matter and which can be ignored.
  • How to recognize situations where it pays to be contrarian.

Whether you are just starting out in DFS or you are a seasoned veteran, Daily Fantasy Sports Unlocked will prove to be an invaluable tool. You will finally be able to answer the question you’ve always wondered about, “what do the pros know that I don’t?”