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Stewart Reuben has been playing poker, or a game rather like it, since he was 9 years old - a career spanning approximately 56 years. He has played mainly in Britain and the US against some of the best and, fortunately, some of the worst players in the world.

There aren’t many players who have managed to stay the course over such a long period. Here, Stewart candidly gives the reasons for his success and also for his failures.

Meet some of the great personalities of the game and some who you perhaps would not want to meet in a dark alley. Learn on your journey the relative merits of casino and home games; how to gamble; but most important, how to enjoy yourself.

Stewart’s previous five poker books are all technical works and highly regarded. Poker has undergone great changes in recent years. This book should inspire you to take advantage of the possibilities which are opening up and thereby prosper.

It contains excellent, isolated situations where he analyzes poker hands - what went right and what went sadly wrong. Reuben is British; many of his friends and acquaintances are too, so the book is bound to appeal to players from England, Ireland and the U.S. In a way, the book fills an informational gap. Americans who have never played in the United Kingdom will get a better picture or feel for how the game is played there and get an idea of what led.

Howard Schwartz, Casino City Times