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Why are the best poker players actually the best?

Every serious poker player wants to be successful and many of them have the right technical skills. However, the truth is that there are key mental factors that separate the big winners from everyone else.

Patricia Cardner is a psychology professor, licensed professional counselor and dedicated poker player. She interviewed a select group of professional poker players who share two key characteristics: ALL of them have been successful over many years and ALL of them have lifetime winnings of more than $1,000,000.

Patricia analyzed the results to determine exactly what psychological skills, techniques, and strategies they use. This book is the result of her studies.

Positive Poker outlines the mental skills that you need to develop if you want raise your game. Positive Poker will help you to:

  • Optimize your brain for efficient learning
  • Increase motivation and stay positive
  • Use psychological skills to increase your win rate
  • Increase self-control and reduce tilt

Patricia is aided in her investigations by the highly successful poker pro Jonathan Little, author of the critically acclaimed series, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker.

Discussions of great players’ characteristics resemble religious arguments: People have strong opinions, but no solid evidence. Dr. Cardner’s research provides that evidence, and the picture is surprisingly complicated. If you’re willing to work hard to become a great player, read this book.

Dr. Al Schoonmaker, poker psychologist and author

Some may dismiss Dr. Cardner’s book as psychological babble, but they will be the ones that miss out on something that can completely change your approach at the tables and, potentially, at life.

If you think the last thing we need is another poker book, you’re wrong. You need this one. Cardner is special. She has two doctorates and is an accomplished player. She combines solid psychological research with insight gained from established pros. This isn’t a book for everyone, just for good players who want to become great.

Dr. Arthur S. Reber, poker psychologist and author

Dr. Cardner’s research into mental excellence, combined with words of wisdom from respected poker pros, makes this book a valuable tool

Zachary Elwood, author of Reading Poker Tells

Several books have been written about the mental aspects of poker, but what is interesting about this book is that it deals with themes of many of these works together.(tilt control , attention, flow of the game, training mind, goal setting , motivation, flexibility , concentration, self-control, etc. ) .A useful and enjoyable for all poker players play from beginner to advanced player.