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Princes of Darkness delves into the murky and secretive world of the professional Blackjack player. In a three-year period, Carl Sampson and his team took the casinos for a seven-figure sum and now he reveals how they did it.

Carl Sampson started out working a croupier in the gaming industry but - frustrated at being overlooked for promotion - he determined to take them on and beat them at their own game. Princes of Darkness recounts the story of how he developed a system, put a team together, found a wealthy backer and went to work.

As well as giving the reader a glimpse of this fascinating twilight world, Carl Sampson also explains in detail his Blackjack systems, including:

  • A definitive guide to card counting
  • How to master the complex art of shuffle tracking
  • How to implement evasion techniques

An illuminating and entertaining look inside the world of professional blackjack.

Joe "The Elegance" Beevers (The Hendon Mob)

An intriguing look into the world of a professional blackjack team.

Viktor Nacht, one of the world's leading blackjack players, owner of RGE Publishing and