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Do you play a decent game of low-to-middle- stakes limit hold’em but dream of taking your play to the next level? If so, this book will show you how.

Do you ever wonder how a successful middle limit hold’em player thinks about the game? This book will tell you.

In Professional Middle Limit Hold’em, Tristan Steiger analyses every hand that he played in a live $30-$60 hold’em game in Las Vegas over a period of a week. Some opponents were average, some very good and others were terrible. Using this method you will get to understand how an expert assesses the opposition and how he adjusts his play accordingly.

In Professional Middle Limit Hold’em, Tristan demonstrates exactly the kind of thinking that will enable you to consistently beat the middle limit games, and progress.

Steiger’s analysis is right on target - you may or may not agree with him on every salient point, but he’s a thinking-man type of author - probing, spotlighting and reinforcing key methods to help improve your game.

Howard Schwartz,