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Short-handed No Limit Hold’em is a dangerous game.

There’s nowhere to hide - the slightest blip can cost you your entire stack, whilst a good play can bust your opponents. The weak players get crushed and the winners clean up.

Buy this book and you will become a winner.

Secrets of Short-handed No Limit Hold’em:

  • features clear and insightful explanations of the thought processes of a - successful high stakes player
  • teaches how to read hands - the key skill for successful short-handed play
  • features many actual hands from real high stakes shorthanded no limit hold’em cash games

Many of the ideas articulated and explained in this book have never been seen in print before. This book. In each case, there is a very detailed, in-depth explanation for the thought processes and concepts involved in the hand. Emphasis is placed on the psychology involved which is of key importance for no limit play.

Be set to be stunned. Some of you know I have written several poker book reviews, and some have been very well-received. I now put my reputation on the line and consider this unpretentious, orange, almost humble poker book on No Limit Hold’em to be the authority on this game.
Could I be saying this book is better than anything by Sklansky and Harrington? I am. I consider this to be the definitive work on the game, the gold standard by which all other books on No Limit Hold’em are judged. Notice I do not state the gold standard by which Short-Handed No Limit Hold’em is judged but by the whole game of No Limit Hold’em, be it short-handed or not.
Danny Ashman in the book itself says there is plenty of material here for not only short-handed but also regular sized games. What an understatement!

William J Nicholas on