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Winner - Advice Competition

04/10/2018 by D&B Poker

We recently ran a competition asking readers to tell us about a piece of advice from a D&B book that they could identify as specifically having helped to improve their game. We had a number of interesting responses, many of which will be published on our site in the near future. The first one was from Jeff H who identifies Qui Nguyen’s From Vietnam to Vegas as a book that has changed the way he thinks about poker. Jeff wins a $30 voucher to spend on the D&B site which will no doubt help him to improve his play even further!

Here is what Jeff had to say about From Vietnam to Vegas.

“The book I recently purchased was Qui Nguyen’s From Vietnam to Vegas.

“This book has helped my overall poker game and renewed my love of Poker. It has reminded me that you play poker against opponents which is as important, if not more important than the cards you are dealt. Reading Qui’s analysis of the hands and the reasons behind his decisions has changed the way I approach the game.

“Like a lot of amateur players I tend to play the cards in front of me with little regard to what my opponents might have or the reason behind their actions. Qui’s approach is completely different which is why he is a WSOP Main Event champion. With Steve Blay’s analysis on specific hands and the mathematics behind making the correct decisions, this book is my favorite poker book and I can’t wait to use and practice Qui’s aggressive (yet thoughtful) approach in all games I play from now on.”

Here is an extract that gives a good indication of Qui’s instinct at the table combined with Steve’s analysis.

From Vietnam to Vegas pages 53-55