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Turning Pro - Life's a Gamble Excerpt

The only difference between a winner and a loser is character.

~ “Nick the Greek” Dandolas

After the Army and the six-month stint with my dad, I moved back to Fayetteville, NC, worked as a military sales rep, and got married to a local girl, Pam Sharpe. I taught ballroom dancing part time, but I also managed to find some home poker games.

Poker is War - Advanced Concepts in No-Limit Hold'em Excerpt

People say chess has a lot of similarities to war. I’d say poker has more of them. A war is a conflict fought with imperfect information. Nothing is hidden in chess; however, there’s a lot of imperfect information in poker. If you view poker as a battle, the similarities are astounding.

Pre-flop Raise Sizing - Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Excerpt

It is quite common to see players raise to 5 big blinds or more when the action folds to them in small stakes games. I am sure you have encountered players who raise to $10 or more at $1/$2 whenever they have a playable hand. Making large raises is usually a significant error because it forces everyone else to play a snug strategy. While you can profitably raise large with your absolute best hands, such as K-K, you cannot profit from making large raises with your marginally playable hands, such as 9♥-8♥. This means that if you want to develop a strategy to play more than only the absolute best hands, you have to either choose a smaller pre-flop raise size or develop a limping strategy.

College and the Army - Life's a Gamble Excerpt

Beating the games was the easy part. Getting out of town with the money was the tough part.

~ Johnny Moss

Once I got to Ohio State, I discovered that I was much more talented than the other guys in the dorm at playing cards, whether it was gin rummy, hearts, euchre, or poker. As a kid I had paid my dues with Danny, but I discovered that I was now in a clover patch in college. These guys were not nearly as good as I was at any card game. It was time to get some “Danny money” back.

Understanding Implied Odds - Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Excerpt

In my groundbreaking tournament series, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, I outlined my pre-flop strategy based on stack sizes. This concept was foreign to many players then, and to many, it still is even now. Even some decent players who frequent the middle stakes have not extensively thought about their pre-flop strategy, or they use the same predefined strategy for all stack sizes. This is a significant mistake.

The Sporting Life - Life's a Gamble Excerpt

The mark of a top player is not how much he wins when he is winning, but how he handles his losses.

~ Bobby Baldwin

In my young years, it seemed that Danny Robison was as much of an influence on me as were my brother and my parents. Not only was Danny a fast talker and a gambler extraordinaire, he was a great athlete. He was the number-one man as a sophomore on the Fairmont High School golf team that won the Ohio High School State Championship, and upon graduation received a golf scholarship to Ohio University.

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