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Modern Poker Theory: An introduction

We are very excited about our forthcoming book Modern Poker Theory by leading poker theorist, Michael Acevedo. If you follow poker forums you’ll have noticed that a lot of the discussion nowadays revolves around the concept of GTO (Game Theory Optimal) play. This book will give the reader a thorough understanding of the whole GTO concept and fully explain how to incorporate it into your own play. The following extract will give a really good indication of the scope of the work and Michael’s own expertise.

An Unspoken Truth For years, the top poker players have had access to private analytical software that helped them further increase their edge, but now, the poker landscape is evolving. Poker software is becoming more sophisticated, yet easier to use, and is publicly available so anyone can get access to modern equity calculators, push/fold apps, range analysis software, EV decision trees, and GTO solvers.

If you enjoy the full article and think this book is for you then pre-order now and the book or ebook will be sent to you as soon as it publishes: Modern Poker Theory

3-betting and 4-betting pre-flop (Qui Nguyen Style)

In my previous article for the D&B Magazine I talked about using the squeeze play, which is an important tool in your pre-flop 3-betting arsenal.

A squeeze play is always done against multiple opponents, but what about when you just have one opponent, the pre-flop raiser? Should you 3-bet, or should you call? I find that most people tend to call too much. I don’t know you personally, but if you are like 95% of most typical players, you probably call too much.

In the book I co-wrote with World Champion Qui Nguyen, From Vietnam to Vegas!we reviewed over 170 hands from the 2016 Main Event Final Table. Read through these examples and you’ll notice a trend: Qui doesn’t call many pre-flop raises. He wants to be the one making the pre-flop raise. If someone has already raised, he is generally going to 3-bet or fold.

Introduction to the Squeeze Play

The Squeeze Play should be a crucial part of your pre-flop strategy. Qui Nguyen used it on Hand #70 in From Vietnam to Vegas! The Final Table was six-handed at that point, and the blinds were $400K/$800K with a $100K ante. Second to act, Michael Ruane opened for $1.8M. Kenny Hallaert called on the button. Qui was the big blind with Qs-6c. We had seen Michael Ruane opening light from early position – he had already opened with Kc-5c and 9h-7h earlier that day. Qui decided to re-raise to $5.9M, and took it down.

Blind Stealing, Qui Nguyen Style

At the final table of any large multi-table tournament, the prize payouts increase rapidly with each player eliminated. Most players, especially the smaller stacks, are just trying to outlast their opponents, to move up in the payouts. There is good reason to do this, and mathematically we demonstrate this in From Vegas to Vietnam! using the Independent Chip Model (ICM). However, when taken too far, it can allow aggressive players like Qui Nguyen to show a profit too easily from blind stealing.

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