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COMPETITION WINNER: Many Congratulations to Jeff H

04/10/2018 by D&B Poker

We’re delighted to announce that Jeff H is the first winner of our ADVICE competition. Jeff recommends From Vietnam to Vegas: How I won the WSOP Main Event

His detailed comments can be found here: Advice Competition winner

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All you need to do is tell us about a piece of advice from a D&B book that you can identify as specifically having helped you to improve your game:

  • Maybe it helped you to make a better decision in a cash game?
  • Maybe it enabled you to go deeper in a tournament?
  • Maybe something else…?

Tell us: 1) Which book it was and the piece of advice. 2) Describe the hand or situation where it helped you.

It doesn’t have to be a long piece. 150-200 words is fine. The best replies will be PUBLISHED IN OUR MAGAZINE and the readers sending them in will RECEIVE A $30 VOUCHER to spend on our site.

Simply send your email to: [email protected] and put ‘ADVICE’ in the subject header

We look forward to seeing your contributions!