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Exploitative Play in Live Poker is nearly ready to go to print

23/08/2018 by D&B Poker

Many apologies for the delay in getting this book to print. It’s now in and being edited.

Exploitative Play in Live Poker

The contents of the book is as follows:

Part 1: The Theory of Live Poker

1) Keeping it Simple 2) How Homo Sapiens Play Poker

Part 2: Exploitative Plays

3) Preflop Play 4) The Three-bet 5) The Four-bet 6) The Check-raise 7) The Donk-bet 8) The Continuation-bet 9) The Three-barrel 10) The Overbet 11) Test Yourself

Part 3: Situations to Exploit

12) Boards to Attack 13) Getting Value 14) Passive Games 15) Folding 16) What’s Your Edge? 17) Tournament Stages

Part 4: Practical Considerations

18) Tells 19) Pay Attention! 20) Poker and Life