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Advanced Concepts in No-Limit Hold'em Video Pack

Hunter Cichy


This premium coaching package contains three training videos and over four hours of strategy content intended to be used as an Advanced Concepts in No Limit Hold’em companion guide. Hunter Cichy believes in embracing everyone’s unique learning style by presenting content across several mediums so visual, auditory and tactile learners alike can gain from his teachings. The training videos outlined below contain extremely valuable information that has never been presented to the public and can only be accessed through this video pack.

Video #1: Math

Why imperfect information makes poker a sustainable business.
Embracing chaos to account for known unknowns and unknown unknowns.
How a finite number of cards, pips and suits produces combinatorial tactics.
How a finite number of flops, turns and rivers produces raw equity calculations.
How limited bet sizes allowed artificial intelligence to approximate optimal play.
Why you should study mental math to improve your in-game decision-making process.
Visualizing pot odds, fold equity and minimum defense frequency to make them tangible.

Video #2: Pre-Flop

Optimal opening ranges and rules for common exploitative adjustments.
Algorithms for constructing isolation ranges against one or more limpers.
Flatting and 3-betting ranges with a detailed board coverage discussion.
4-betting and cold 4-betting ranges versus late position 3-bets.
5-betting ranges and rules for informationally deprived environments.
Small blind defense ranges with advice on 3-betting out of position at a higher frequency.
Big blind defense ranges with advice on check-calling flops at a higher frequency.

Video #3: Post-Flop

Learning to play blindfolded poker to enhance your sensory capabilities.
Protocols, guidelines and critical thinking skills for disruptive environments.
Stress inoculation methods developed by the military for fighter pilot training.
Psychological warfare used to emotionally and financially bankrupt your adversaries.
Experimenting with exploitative defaults that can’t be detected without a HUD.
Mitigating the downside of being “re-exploited” to trigger asymmetric outcomes.
Returning to optimal play to regroup and gather more information on the opposition.


Whether you’re a small stakes enthusiast or a high stakes crusher, a multi-table tournament grinder or a mixed games expert, you are certain to gain from the information presented in these videos because although No Limit Texas Hold’em cash game examples are used for these teachings, the underlying philosophy applies to every variant of poker, financial planning methods and project management decisions of all types. The $45 investment you make today will pay for itself in the first hour at the poker table and if you fully commit to the program, the steps systematically outlined for continuous improvement will open the door to exponential gains. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your game to the next level!

The full series contains 4 videos in 04:05:19.

  • Advanced Concepts in No-Limit Hold'em Video Pack Trailer (60:28)
  • Math (65:30)
  • Post-Flop (59:48)
  • Pre-Flop (59:33)