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Expert Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em video series

Will Tipton


D&B Poker are pleased to be able to bring you the Expert Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em video series - an extension of the book Expert Heads Up No Limit Holdem. The video series is almost 6 hours long, and is recommended viewing after reading the book.

Video 1 - Introduction

What’s in the book, what’s in the videos, and – what is GTO?

Video 2 - Solving river situations with Gambit (44 minutes)

Gambit is a freely-available, non-poker-specific software package for setting up and solving games described by decision trees. In this video, I start out with a hand history and show you how to use Gambit and EDVis to model the river play and find, to good approximation, the GTO strategies. Exploitative play and other uses of the two software tools are also discussed.

Video 3 - Post-game analysis with decision trees (2 parts – 1:27 total)

In part one, I give commentary on my first matches against genericsn987/howgood2good, and show you how to characterize and adjust to a very aggressive regular with unusual ranges. In part two, I show you how to study and analyze opponents’ strategies away from the table by organizing all the lines they take into a decision tree.

Video 4 - Estimating unexploitable continuing frequencies (1:09)

So-called “non-auto-profit” calculations can be a very useful tool for estimating unexploitable frequencies in various spots. However, they are almost always used incorrectly! Remember – using bad theory is usually worse than using no theory at all. In this video, I review the theory behind these calculations, show you when they are and are not appropriate, and show you how to use them effectively.

Video 5 - Split pot river spots (2 parts – 1:10 total)

How do you play the river when the board runs out K9TrJQ? Do you try to bluff your opponent off chops? Do you check and pray he lets you get to showdown cheaply? In this video, I show how to find unexploitable strategies in this sort of spot using two methods: the Equilibration Exercise and the Gambit software. Additionally, I discuss computationally-generated GTO strategies for a river spot on a double-paired board – another spot where many of the players’ hands chop at showdown.

Video 6 - River play from the BB with one bet behind (1:04)

In this video, I look at river play from the BB with one bet behind. I start by solving for the unexploitable play of this game using [0,1] approximation, and then go into a systematic discussion of how to split your ranges when playing versus exploitable opponents in the SB. I show how to use EV distributions to visualize the most profitable way to play with your entire range against a variety of different exploitable tendencies.

Video 7 - Reading your own hand (15 minutes)

In this short video which I hope will help you tie everything together, I talk about the importance of developing the habit of reading your own hand every time you play.

The full series contains 11 videos in 06:57:04.

  • 1-intro (32:26)
  • 2-gambit (44:10)
  • 3-decisiontrees-part2 (31:59)
  • 3-decisiontrees-part1 (55:15)
  • 4-nonautoprofit (64:50)
  • 4-nonautoprofit-addendum (05:01)
  • 5-splitpots-part1 (29:30)
  • 5-splitpots-part2 (41:06)
  • 6-BBplaywith1bet (65:06)
  • 7-readingyourownhand (15:15)
  • 1-intro (32:26)