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Five Concepts You MUST Master to Win at Poker Tournaments

Jonathan Little


I taught a live 2-hour online class called, "Five Concepts You MUST Master to Win at Poker Tournaments."

This was an advanced coaching class.

Here are the 5 concepts covered during this LIVE 2-hour training:

Relative Stack Size
I went over the concept of relative stack size. I showed how to play pocket aces with 100 BBs, 50 BBs, 25 BBs, and 12 BBs.

Pot Control
I discussed the concept of pot control, when to use it, when NOT to use it, and why. I also showed example hands.

Maximizing Fold Equity When Short
I discussed how to maximize fold equity when relatively short. I also discussed when you should shove over an initial raise. I discussed when you should shove when you have 10 big blinds from late position. Finally, I discussed what hands you should open push from early position when you have around 7 big blinds.

Staying Out of Trouble
I discussed when you should try to stay out of trouble, and when you need try to accumulate chips. I showed a hand where I have top pair, and another hand where I have a strong pre-flop hand.

I discussed variance from my own perspective. I showed the sharkscope graphs of various pros (as well as my own) and talked about their break even periods and downswings.

The full series contains 8 videos in 04:41:37.

  • 5concepts1 (56:34)
  • 5concepts2 (74:36)
  • bonus-webinar-p1 (33:32)
  • bonus-webinar-p2 (51:36)
  • bonus-webinar-p3 (16:14)
  • bonus-potcontrol (21:24)
  • bonus-deepstacked (23:16)
  • 5concepts trailer (04:25)