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Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha Video Pack

Herbert Okolowitz , Wladimir Taschner


This video pack is an accompaniment to Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha.

Part 1 discusses hands in single raised pots where you decide to call an early position openraise from late position. Analyzing preflop ranges and their interaction with board textures will give you a clear idea of the ideal postflop line to choose as well as developing balanced calling, betting and raising ranges.

Part 2 focuses on playing out of position in single raised pots, especially calling open raises from the small and big blind. With the positional disadvantage even playing strong hands becomes tricky. Developing balanced check/calling and leading ranges is the major topic of the video.

Part 3 discusses balanced lines in three-bet pots on various board textures in and out of position.

Here are 3 samples - one from each of the videos:

The full series contains 4 videos in 02:59:58.

  • Part_1_Single_Raised_Pots_calling_early_position_raises_from_late_position (43:05)
  • Part_2_Single_Raised_Pots_playing_OOP_either_open_raising_or_calling_from_the_blinds-2 (62:52)
  • Part_3_3bet_Pots_in_position_and_out_of_position (66:55)
  • Sample of Mastering PLO video 1 (07:06)