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Modern Poker Theory The Essential Guide: Understanding GTO Concepts and How Solvers Work

Michael Acevedo


GTO is the hot topic in poker but if you don’t know your GTO from your PIO then we can help.

If you are serious about improving your game, you’ll have noticed that life has become a lot more complicated in the last 2-3 years. GTO is the new big thing.

* GTO concepts are everywhere.
* New software is everywhere.
* There are AI training programs, GTO solvers, GTO trainers, etc etc.

What are they? What do they do? It’s not always obvious. You want to learn but are unsure where to focus your efforts, typically wondering...

* Which programs are the best?
* What do they do?
* Aren’t they incredibly complicated?
* How do you get the most out of them?
* How do you analyse your hands in GTO terms?
* How do they help you in the real world?
* How does GTO help with exploitative play?

The answers to all these questions – and much, much more – can be found in the two new video series from Michael Acevedo.

As you will no doubt know, Michael made a name for himself by writing the classic book, Modern Poker Theory, which we published in July of last year. Michael is the world’s leading authority on GTO solvers and how to make the most of them.

The Essential Guide

Video #1 Understanding Optimal Preflop Ranges
The purpose of this video is to understand poker hands and ranges at a fundamental level

Video #2 Equilibrium and GTO Solvers
The purpose of this video is to understand how GTO solvers work, why solver strategies are important and how to correctly apply them in game

Video #3 Pio Solver Tutorial
PioSolver is the most popular GTO solver in the market, learning the basics about its functionality is key to progress in today's poker world

Video #4 Studying with PioSolver
Real hands played by Michael reviewed using Pio, Michael explains how to set up each hand from scratch and explains how to perform in depth GTO analysis


As well as all of the video there is also some free bonus material which you can get by simply emailing [email protected] with ESSENTIAL BONUS in the subject header and attach proof of purchase the Essential Video Pack (screenshot) and we will send you a link to download it .

The bonus material contains Hand History Review Pio Sims and to use them you need to download PioSolver Free here:

Just email [email protected] with ESSENTIAL BONUS in the subject header and attach proof of purchase the Essential Video Pack (screenshot) and I'll send you a link to access and download them.

The full series contains 6 videos in 02:57:16.

  • Essential Guide Trailer (21:55)
  • Essential Overview (06:45)
  • Essential Video 1 (32:31)
  • Essential Video 2 (46:21)
  • Essential Video 3 Pio Basic Tutorial (35:57)
  • Essential Video 4 (33:47)