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A Practical Guide to Planning Your Poker Study

Patricia Cardner , Gareth James


These 9 videos are based on the concepts covered in the book,’Purposeful Practice for Poker’ by Dr. Tricia Cardner and Gareth James

The 6 videos by Dr. Tricia Cardner focus on how to learn poker more efficiently and effectively. Players will learn:

• Practical study hacks for rapid learning
• A 3 step process for improving learning retention
• How to create a learning map
• Strategies for mastering poker
• A quick guide on motivation

In the 3 videos by Gareth James three learning projects are covered:

• Defending Your Big Blind
• Playing Versus C-bet Out of Position
• ICM and Final Table Strategy

Gareth gives you practical tips and ideas on how to get the most out of the content provided in the book.

The full series contains 10 videos in 01:41:57.

  • A Practical Guide to Planning Your Poker Study Video Pack - Trailer (11:59)
  • 001_PPfP_Lesson1SF_Cardner (10:18)
  • 002_PPfP_Lesson2SF_Cardner (07:19)
  • 003_PPfP_Lesson3SF_Cardner (03:59)
  • 004_PPfP_Lesson4SF_Cardner (04:02)
  • 005_PPfP_Lesson5SF_Cardner (09:17)
  • 006_PPfP_Lesson6SF_Cardner (11:26)
  • 007_PPfP_Defending Your Big Blind (14:23)
  • 008_PPfP_Playing Versus C-bets Out of Position (13:37)
  • 009_PPfP_ICM and Final Table Strategy Video (15:37)