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Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha Online Games: A Practical Guide

Fernando “JNandez” Habegger


Do you want to take your PLO game to the next level?
Do you want to learn from one of the most successful PLO trainers working today?
Do you want get 4 hours of instruction for an amazing price?

Then you need …

Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha Online Games: A Practical Guide by Fernando “JNandez” Habegger

This video pack consists of 9 videos. Details are as follows:

Video 1:
A general introduction to the pack, explaining why the concepts chosen for discussion are fundamental to achieving success in PLO.

Video 2:
How to make better pre-flop decisions by thinking critically about Expected Value and understanding how solvers work in a way that improves your own decision-making. Learn why certain plays are preferred in certain situations and how to understand the generic principles that underly these decisions. Thinking about how to vary from the GTO recommendations to exploit player tendencies.

Video 3:
How to react after opening from the Cutoff in two situations that are common and are also frequently misplayed. First, the Button calls and then the Small Blind squeezes. Second, the Button 3bets. In both situations players typically call too much, implying that they underfold and also under-4bet. Learn how to fix these leaks in both situations.

Video 4:
Understanding why the Stack-to-Pot ratio is so important and learning how to run simulations in MonkerSolver to learn about stack off theshholds in different situations.

Video 5:
This video addresses a common situation that is frequently misplayed: playing in 3bet pots on dry boards (rainbow and not usually featuring cards higher than a jack) as the aggressor. At higher SPRs players are often unwilling to bet these pots aggressively, fearing difficult situations on later streets. However, it is usually better to take an aggressive approach and this video explains why with examples.

Video 6:
This video discusses the topic of three-barreling in single-raised pots playing in position. This is another common scenario that is often misplayed. The key factors are considerations in c-betting the flop and then thinking about turn transitions. Finally river play and general sizing concepts are also exmpored.

Video 7:
How to handle multi-way pots. In contrast to hold’em in PLO equities run close and this encourages more calling pre-flop, leading to more multi-way pots. Understanding how to play these is critical for PLO success. This video discusses 50 examples from online play, exploring the key issues that arise.

Video 8:
A video that focuses on online play at low stakes (25c/50c). The format is the equivalent of rush or zoom poker so a tremendous number of hands can be played and discussed. This video is excellent for illustrating the practical application of the concepts discussed in the earlier videos.

Video 9:
A session review. This video explains how to analyse a session in terms of understanding if your plays were appropriate and how to extrapolate the lessons learnt into general principles that can be applied in the future.

The full series contains 10 videos in 04:06:46.

  • Trailer (Introduction) (09:35)
  • 1 - Introduction to the course (09:35)
  • 2 - How to make better preflop decision using EV and exploits (17:24)
  • 3 - Facing 3Bets OOP and Squeezes (25:10)
  • 4 - Stack to Pot Ratio and Stack-off Thresholds (15:50)
  • 5 - 3-Bet Pots on Dry Light Boards (18:36)
  • 6 - Triple Barreling in a Single Raised Pot with Position (32:18)
  • 7 - Reviewing 50 Multiway Pot Hands (39:01)
  • 8 - PLO 50 Rush and Cash on GG-Poker (42:27)
  • 9 - Session Review on PLO 100 FastForward (36:50)