Strategies to Beat Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha Video Pack

Matthias Pum


The video pack consists of 4 hours of additional content demonstrating practical applications of the concepts discussed in the book Strategies to Beat Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha. This is done by showing thought processes during live play and also by analysing hands played by coaching students. The hand analysis shows how leaks can be identified and then plugged by implementation of the correct strategies.

The video series assumes that you have already read the book, at least to the extent of familiarising yourself with the concepts. If you found the book helpful to your game then the video series is a must, as it will definitely consolidate and amplify this learning.

Contents of the series:

  • Setting up the poker client/HUD
  • Detailed explanation of the charts (Starting hands chart, Defending charts, Equity chart)
  • First session
  • Exploiting your opposition
  • Adjusting bet sizings
  • Reviewing leaks of coaching students
  • Implementing advanced concepts (light 3-betting, loose blind defense)
  • Hand reading
  • Live sessions

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24 August 2016
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4 hours and 15 minutes
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