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Jonathan Little's Excelling at TOUGH No-Limit Hold'em Games

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Jonathan Little's Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em 



Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games is the essential guide for anyone who is serious about wanting to succeed at the high stakes and make a significant income from poker.

Jonathan Little
Alex ‘msusyr24’ Carr
Alexandre ‘Cavalito’ Mantovani
Ben ‘BennyBills’ Shuster
Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens
Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet
Luiz ‘AcePheres’ Feres
Mat ‘AussieStar’ Brown
Richard ‘ChipsFool’ Hoadley
Rob Tinnion
Vlada ‘Vlada2108’ Stojanović


Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em is a sensation in poker publishing. Renowned poker professional and author Jonathan Little brings together 17 of the greatest no-limit experts in the world to discuss all aspects of the game. These experts include superstars such as Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sexton and Jared Tendler.


  • Chad Holloway - The post-boom evolution in poker
  • Evan Jarvis - Equity, position and aggression
  • Chris Moneymaker - Lower buy-in strategies
  • Ed Miller – Moving up in stakes
  • Scott Clements – General tournament concepts
  • Matt Affleck - Advanced tournament strategies
  • Bernard Lee – Satellite play
  • Zachary Elwood - Understanding tells
  • Alex Fitzgerald – In-depth range analysis
  • Phil Hellmuth/Liv Boeree – Short stack strategies
  • Jonathan Little - Value betting and Final table play
  • Olivier Busquet - Heads-up play
  • Will Tipton – Game theory optimal play
  • Patricia Cardner – Mental toughness
  • Jared Tendler - Eliminating tilt
  • Elliot Roe - Poker hypnotherapy
  • Mike Sexton – Great plays from great players

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