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Mike Sexton - article in PokerNews, book from D&B

13/02/2019 by D&B Poker

A great article on this week about Mike’s early life.

Screen Shot 2019 02 12 at 10.33.25

You can read about ALL of Mike’s life in his autobiography, Life’s a Gamble


New book announcement

10/02/2019 by D&B Poker


Publishing for xmas 2019 (yes, I know, we’ve only just passed xmas 2018, but the publishing cycle works a long way in advance!), this book is perfect for the social or recreational poker player. Check out the details here: Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day I’m sure you’ll agree it’s another fantastic cover by our brilliant designer, Horacio.


"This might go down as the best poker book ever written"

04/02/2019 by D&B Poker

So says professional poker player Brandon Adams after he had a sneak peak of …

9781909457898 FC Modern Poker Theory

It’s publishing this summer: Modern Poker Theory


Phil Hellmuth Wins Borgata Winter Poker Open Heads-Up Event

01/02/2019 by D&B Poker

… and Phil keeps on winning.

Screen Shot 2019 02 01 at 11.43.18

If you’ve not yet his autobiography you can pick up a copy of the ebook from our site: Poker Brat. We also have a hardcover edition, and the audio version.