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2 new audiobooks coming soon

12/08/2019 by D&B Poker

Both Mastering Mixed Games (recorded by Dylan Linde) and Purposeful Practice for Poker (recorded by Dr. Patricia Cardner) have now been uploaded to Audible and are awaiting approval before going live.


Bought the paperback and would like the ebook too? $15 DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE

05/08/2019 by D&B Poker

A number of people have asked me if there is a discount available to people who have bought the paperback edition of Modern Poker Theory and would like the ebook too.

Well, the answer is yes. If you’ve bought the paperback edition from our website and would like the ebook too we will give you $15 off the ebook price.

All you have to do is forward me your receipt for the paperback edition, order the ebook and then I will refund you $15.


Modern Poker Theory - ebook now available from our website

01/08/2019 by D&B Poker

If you’ve pre-ordered the ebook from our site, or wish to order it from our site, it is now available. Download links have now been sent to all those that pre-ordered it.


Modern Poker Theory - Detailed extract now on the site

30/07/2019 by D&B Poker

A full extract is now available on our site. You can read it here: MODERN POKER THEORY