Killer Roulette

How to Beat the Unbeatable

208 pages


Tags: Biographies

Roulette can be beaten and Killer Roulette will show you how.

Roulette has numerous weaknesses which have been exposed and mercilessly exploited - not only by people on the inside but by everyday punters.

  • Read about the man who took the casinos for an estimated $50 MILLION
  • Read about how Carl Sampson, the author, trained and advised players who went on to earn six-figure sums by beating the wheel
  • Read about roulette legends such as Joseph Jaggers, Rashid Khan and the Montgomery Brothers
  • Learn the systems used by people to beat roulette including manual tracking, the cash box move and tripping the ball

Carl ‘The Dean’ Sampson, is an ex croupier who worked in that industry for ten years, learnt the tricks of the trade and understands the shady practices croupiers themselves get up to. Carl is now a full time poker player and author and conributor to leading poker magazines and can be found at  

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