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Does no one fold to your raises? Does no one even fold to your reraises? Is every pot you play multiway? Does it frustrate you that poker training NEVER seems designed for games you actually play? How To Beat Players Who Never Fold is the antidote to this problem. In this book, celebrated low-to-mid stakes coach Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald teaches you how to beat the games you actually play! No one folds to you? No problem! In this book, you will learn how to manufacture HUGE pots that BUST players who never fold. You'll learn specific bluffs that actually work versus players who are constantly chasing cards. Your game will NEVER be the same again. Learn how to beat the games you actually play - today!


Nowadays, many excellent poker books are available for players keen to improve their game. However, the vast majority are aimed at audiences that are already sophisticated in their understanding of poker. This book is different. Improve Your Poker - Now! is aimed at players who love poker and have moved beyond the introductory level, but who may be flummoxed by terms like GTO, ICM, merged ranges, and blocker effects. These players want a clear, straightforward guide that improves their game - now! The authors, Topher Goggin and leading coach Alexander Fitzgerald, understand these needs and have crafted a book that is perfect for such players. There are no complex hand range charts to master, solvers are conspicuous only from their absence, and the advice is given in terms that are easy to understand. This practical guide is everything you need to succeed now, without everything else you don't. Clear, concise language and straightforward instruction. Easy-to-implement strategies. Simple explanation of fundamental principles. Unlike elite players, who must study tirelessly to make even tiny improvements to their game, players at the “serious amateur” level can make tremendous skill leaps almost immediately. This book will help you to do precisely that.


In 2019, D&B Poker published the ground-breaking work, Modern Poker Theory by leading poker theorist Michael Acevedo. This became an instant modern classic and many players regarded it as the greatest poker book ever written. Modern Poker Theory: The Tournament Workbook is the perfect companion volume. It is designed to be a completely practical guide to implementing GTO (game theory optimal) strategies at the table. It shows you how to apply the mechanics of GTO to any situation you encounter in tournaments, either pre-flop or post-flop. Fundamental GTO principles are analysed with an emphasis on applying the results to practical play. The opportunity to solve GTO puzzles then tests the reader’s knowledge and enables leaks to be fixed. The most profitable way to play poker is to have an exploitative style of play. However, such a style must be underpinned by a sound knowledge of GTO principles. This book will give you that knowledge.