Limit Hold'em: Winning short-handed strategies

Terry Borer , Lawrence Mak , Barry Tanenbaum 368 pages

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“Terry and Lawrence bring style and new insight to the shorthanded game. Their book is a must for any ‘killer’ poker player.”

John Vorhaus, Author of the Killer Poker series.

Short-handed games are extremely profitable and fun to play. Terry Borer and Lawrence Mak - two short-handed experts, and Barry Tanenbaum - one of America’s top poker coaches, will teach you how to dominate the short-handed tables, both live and on-line.

You will learn:

  • How to optimize your strategies for 6-handed, 3-handed, and even heads-up play.
  • How to play every street at an expert level.
  • How to select your site, limit and seat for maximum profit.
  • How to master the mental game and cope with the swings of short-handed play.
  • How to exploit bonuses and get the most rakeback for your time.
  • How to use poker software and statistics to maximize your profits.

By carefully studying the 245 quiz questions and examples in this book you will improve your game and be able to dominate and control your table.

Terry and Lawrence have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing on-line - exclusively in short-handed cash games. They have also consulted for an online gambling and poker website. Now they pass on their knowledge to you.

Barry, author of Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy and regular Card Player columnist, has been a full time professional for many years and is widely acknowledged as a top poker coach and teacher.

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