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It is well known that tournaments are almost always the most profitable form of poker for skilled players. The considerable prize money on offer usually means that many of the participants (especially in the small stakes events) are amateurs with limited poker skills and experience who are hoping to get lucky. This scenario has the potential to be a very profitable one for players with a good understanding of tournament strategy. Playing good solid poker will undoubtedly be profitable but may also leave a lot of money on the table. In order to maximize Expected Value in all situations (the key to becoming a really successful tournament player) it is crucial to understand the mistakes the weaker players are making and exploit them ruthlessly. In Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Tournaments Lexy Gavin-Mather, a professional player and well known coach, outlines a solid basic strategy for tournament play at the small stakes and also identifies how and when to adjust profitably. If you play a lot of small stakes tournaments this book will prove invaluable in fine tuning your game and turning you from a tournament winner into a tournament crusher.