Qui Nguyen

Qui Nguyen was born in Saigon, Vietnam shortly after the end of the Vietnam War. From a young age he learned how to be self-reliant, selling goods on the street in order to get by.

Qui lived in California, Alaska and Florida before settling in Las Vegas. He worked as a manicurist to support himself while developing his poker skills, and met his future wife when she visited his shop as a customer.

Shortly after arriving in America, Qui was introduced to poker by friends. He initially learned to play at home games and eventually graduated to cash games in card rooms and casinos. After his move to Las Vegas he frequently played cash games at the Rio, Bellagio, Wynn, and Aria poker rooms. The aggressive style of his cash play at the Aria earned him the nickname “TommyGun”

Qui currently lives in Las Vegas. When not playing poker he enjoys boating, fishing and playing, with his son.

Qui works with various charities, including The Wounded Warrior Project, The One Step Closer Foundation, and a number of charities benefitting the poor in Vietnam. He has donated over $1million of his winnings to these charities.

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Poker players are always told that to be successful, you have to play aggressively. What is not usually explained is just exactly how you are supposed to play aggressively. On the Final Table of the 2016 WSOP Main Event, Qui Nguyen destroyed the opposition with an absolute masterclass in aggressive play and walked away with the coveted gold bracelet as well as $8 million. If you want to understand what this mythical “playing aggressively” means in practical terms, then From Vietnam to Vegas will give you the answer. Many of the experienced professionals commentating for TV simply couldn’t understand Qui’s play. Antonio Esfandiari, who has won over $27 million in live play, commented, “I couldn’t get a read on Qui Nguyen if my life depended on it.” From Vietnam to Vegas tells the complete story behind Qui’s magnificent achievement. In this book Qui: reviews 176 key hands from his historic victory at the WSOP Final Table provides an in-depth analysis of his thought process on each hand relates the story of his life, from his early struggles in Vietnam through to his transition to a poker professional in Las Vegas. The book also includes commentary from Steve Blay, founder of AdvancedPokerTraining.com and Qui Nguyen’s personal poker advisor at the final table. Blay’s commentary often analyzes the mathematical basis behind Qui’s decisions, and discusses practical ways to apply it to your own poker game.