When Running Was Young And So Were We

collected works of a sportswriter from the golden age of American running

Jack Welch 350 pages



For many years Jack Welch wrote for Running magazine and Track & Field News, chronicling the extraordinary developments of running during the 1970s, 80s and 90’s.

When Running Was Young and So Were We is based on his columns from this period and is a unique book – telling the story of how running became a way of life for millions.

  • It’s a book about excellence, inspiration and greatness. Not just what it takes to cross the finish line first, but also the lessons learned along the way.
  • It’s a sports book – offering an up-close and personal look at Olympic greats, big races and long runs.
  • It’s a training book – outlining many of the techniques and strategies that make you a winner, on and off the field of competition.
  • It’s a celebration of the human spirit -examining what happens when both great athletes and keen amateurs are driven to challenge their own personal limits.

 What do greats like Alberto Salazar, Joan Benoit, Dick Beardsley, Mary Decker and Steve Prefontaine all have in common? Read their stories and be inspired!

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