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Stewart Reuben has been playing poker, or a game rather like it, since he was 9 years old - a career spanning approximately 56 years. He has played mainly in Britain and the US against some of the best and, fortunately, some of the worst players in the world. There aren’t many players who have managed to stay the course over such a long period. Here, Stewart candidly gives the reasons for his success and also for his failures. Meet some of the great personalities of the game and some who you perhaps would not want to meet in a dark alley. Learn on your journey the relative merits of casino and home games; how to gamble; but most important, how to enjoy yourself. Stewart’s previous five poker books are all technical works and highly regarded. Poker has undergone great changes in recent years. This book should inspire you to take advantage of the possibilities which are opening up and thereby prosper.  


Roulette can be beaten and Killer Roulette will show you how. Roulette has numerous weaknesses which have been exposed and mercilessly exploited - not only by people on the inside but by everyday punters. Read about the man who took the casinos for an estimated $50 MILLION Read about how Carl Sampson, the author, trained and advised players who went on to earn six-figure sums by beating the wheel Read about roulette legends such as Joseph Jaggers, Rashid Khan and the Montgomery Brothers Learn the systems used by people to beat roulette including manual tracking, the cash box move and tripping the ball Carl ‘The Dean’ Sampson, is an ex croupier who worked in that industry for ten years, learnt the tricks of the trade and understands the shady practices croupiers themselves get up to. Carl is now a full time poker player and author and conributor to leading poker magazines and can be found at  


John Billingham is interviewed by House of Cards radio host Ashley Adams to discuss the book. Then, check out this video introduction to the book. How hard are you prepared to work to improve your No Limit Hold’em? The Education of a Modern Poker Player documents the efforts of a serious amateur as he pursues his ambition of rising through the stakes from NL10 ($10 game) to NL100 ($100 game) and beyond. John Billingham is an English maths professor, and a keen player of games. In the summer of 2009 he discovered online poker and was hooked. A year later he decided to trick a couple of impressionable young poker pros, Austrian Thomas Tiroch (TwiceT) and Romanian Emanuel Cinca (EmanuelC16), into teaching him how to play poker on the promise of writing a book with them. Little did he know what he was letting himself in for. The Education of a Modern Poker Player is the product of JB’s cunning plan, and documents his progress from being unable to beat NL10 to establishing himself on NL100. Over the course of this entertaining book, TT and Manu explain how to beat these small stakes games, aided and abetted by JB, and illustrate all the important concepts with real example hands. There is a particular focus on Fast Fold Games, such as Rush and Zoom, in which JB eventually became a specialist, and practical explanations of how to take advantage of weak players in this format. The Education of a Modern Poker Player includes: An extensive set of real example hands Practical advice on strategies to beat 6max No Limit Hold’em A basic strategy for Fixed Limit Five Card Draw Clear explanations of the Mathematics of No Limit Hold’em Specialist advice on Fast Fold Games (e.g. Rush and Zoom)