Peak Poker Performance

How to Bring Your 'A' Game to Every Session

Patricia Cardner , Jonathan Little 272 pages

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Mike Sexton once asked Chip Reese, “The guys you play against are tough. What separates you from them?” Chip replied, “You’re right Mike. They are tough. In fact, when they play their ‘A’ game, I’m really no better than they are. The difference is that they also have a ‘C’ and ‘D’ game, whereas I don’t. They become weak players when they steam and just about all of them do. My edge is that I don’t steam.” (Life’s a Gamble, D&B 2016).

If you’ve ever wondered if the psychological aspect of poker is important, that should provide the answer. One of the greatest players of all times is attributing his success to the fact that he has better psychological control over his play than his opponents.

The good news is that, actually, there is nothing mysterious about Chip’s ability. To do the same you simply have to adhere to specific strategies and guidelines. This book will tell you what they are and explain why they work. These strategies, implemented into your everyday routine, will substantially increase your performance and improve your mental state.

Peak Poker Performance will show you how to:

  • Create an unbeatable mindset
  • Pursue excellence during downswings
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Improve your motivation
  • Master your emotions

Plus much, much more.

Dr. Patricia Cardner has worked with hundreds of poker players, at mid-stakes and high-stakes levels, both through private coaching and online training. With the help of Jonathan Little, Patricia moves on from her first book, ‘Positive Poker’ and uses the very latest research to take you to the next level so you too can achieve better results on the felt and in life.


Dr Cardner will teach you how to train your mind to manage your emotions, enhance decision making and maximise your edge/profits


The full series contains 7 videos in 03:47:03.


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