How Good is Your Pot Limit Omaha?

224 pages

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Pot-limit Omaha is a major big bet poker variant which has increased hugely in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic over the past twenty years. Omaha is a fascinating game in which each player receives four hole cards (as opposed to just two in hold’em) to complement the five community cards. This leads to complex and interesting play, and offers great possibilities for the expert player to outmanoeuvre weaker opposition. In pot-limit Omaha big bets can appear out of nowhere, thereby providing skilful players with the opportunity to apply pressure with bold bluffs and counter-bluffs.

This book will be of tremendous value to anyone looking to improve their understanding of this exciting game. The material is presented in a novel ‘test-yourself’ format, which simulates live-action play by enabling readers to select the best course of action at each stage of a complete hand. They are then invited to compare their play with that of the experts, and assess their results through a unique scoring system.

Pot-limit Omaha is an increasingly popular form of poker, about which there is little literature

    • Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on the game
    • Highly entertaining and instructive ‘test-yourself’ format
    • Ideal primer for both online and live-action players.

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