Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha

The Modern Aggressive Approach

Herbert Okolowitz , Wladimir Taschner 280 pages

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Most PLO books advocate a highly conservative game-plan – this style is outdated and will get you crushed in today’s games.

Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha is different. It is a unique and remarkable book, outlining a whole new approach to the game:

  • teaches you an aggressive style
  • provides you with clear guidelines on how to develop your game-plan and adjust to your opponents
  • teaches you how to analyse board textures – the key to success in PLO

Herbert Okolowitz (Huck3be1n) and Wladimir Taschner (Insyder19) are professional poker players, PLO experts and sought-after coaches on They will explain in detail:

  • pre-flop hand selection and pre-flop hand dynamics – including analysis of wide 3- and 4-bet ranges and the theory behind optimal bet-sizing.
  • how to use equity shifts on turn and river to your advantage and how to bluff correctly.
  • how to understand the game better and develop a holistic view of the play: connecting pre-flop decisions to action on later streets.

Plus much more…

A clear game-plan and the right mind-set will improve your win-rate tremendously and give you the edge against your opponents.

Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha will give you that edge! 



This video pack is an accompaniment to Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha.

Part 1 discusses hands in single raised pots where you decide to call an early position openraise from late position. Analyzing preflop ranges and their interaction with board textures will give you a clear idea of the ideal postflop line to choose as well as developing balanced calling, betting and raising ranges.

Part 2 focuses on playing out of position in single raised pots, especially calling open raises from the small and big blind. With the positional disadvantage even playing strong hands becomes tricky. Developing balanced check/calling and leading ranges is the major topic of the video.

Part 3 discusses balanced lines in three-bet pots on various board textures in and out of position.





Blind Defence is one of the most important topics in order to become a successful Pot Limit Omaha player. Boost your winrate now with this follow up video series for Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha. The modern aggressive approach.

“Mastering Blind Defence” covers in detail the preflop ranges and GTO postflop lines when defending your small and big blind.

* Ideal preflop ranges from the Small and Big Blind
* Constructing game theory optimal postflop lines
* Understanding the interaction between preflop ranges and board textures
* Principles of constructing GTO postflop lines

Each video gives detailed advice on your preflop ranges from the Small Blind and Big Blind when defending against typical opening ranges. Although the entire video series focuses on post flop play defending your blinds passively there is a lot of preflop advice regarding 3-bet ranges too.

The focus of the videos lies then on defending passively by cold calling preflop, and each video covers in detail the postflop play on typical board textures from the Small and the Big Blind in order to have balanced and game theory optimal ranges.

Typical board textures are:

* Semi connected Boards
* Connected Boards
* Monotone Boards
* Paired Boards

Learn how to construct game theory optimal ranges with different holdings on typical board textures. Minimal variations to your holecards and the board texture provide a lot of useful advice: how do certain board textures interact with preflop ranges? How does it affect your post flop lines? What adjustments do you need to make if you there is a flush draw? How do you need to adapt if the board is 986 instead of T97 or JT8?

These permutations provide not only concrete advice, but will help you understand the priniciples of post flop play and to construct your balanced ranges on your own.

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