How to Beat Players Who Never Fold: Succeeding in casino poker tournaments and low stakes home games

Alexander Fitzgerald 368 pages

Publishing: JUNE 2024 EUROPE/JULY 2024 US

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  • Does no one fold to your raises?
  • Does no one even fold to your reraises?
  • Is every pot you play multiway?

Does it frustrate you that poker training NEVER seems designed for games you actually play? How To Beat Players Who Never Fold is the antidote to this problem. In this book, celebrated low-to-mid stakes coach Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald teaches you how to beat the games you actually play!

No one folds to you? No problem! In this book, you will learn how to manufacture HUGE pots that BUST players who never fold. You'll learn specific bluffs that actually work versus players who are constantly chasing cards.

Your game will NEVER be the same again. Learn how to beat the games you actually play - today!

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