Think Like a Poker Pro

How to Study, Plan and Play Like a Professional

304 pages

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  • Do you suspect that your poker skill is insufficiently well rewarded?
  • Do you wonder how the professionals always get the money?
  • Would you like to know how top players study and refine their game?

If you have ambitions to join the ranks of the consistently winning players, this book will help you plan your campaign.

Poker is a strange and fascinating game. There is a great deal more to being a successful player than simply knowing how to play a good game. Playing good poker is largely a technical skill which can be learned. Being a consistently successful player is much harder and necessitates acquiring expertise in many other areas.

Byron Jacobs has been a successful online poker player for seven years. In this book he identifies precisely how this can be achieved and shows how much of the battle actually needs to be conducted away from the table. If you already play a fair game of poker but want to become one of the very few players who consistently “play well”, then you need this book.

The concepts discussed in this book are brought into clear focus on the accompanying 180 minute CD of videos where the author can be seen explaining his decision-making process. Here is an extract:

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