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There is a lot of money to be made at small stakes no-limit hold’em because… surprise, surprise… most of the players aren’t very good.

However, few players understand exactly how to exploit these games. Competent players who generally play larger stakes will, of course, beat them. But they won’t beat them for nearly as much as they ought to. Why? Because they don’t understand how to adjust correctly.

Playing a solid, competent, decently aggressive style is a strategy that will be profitable. That said, you should not be content with just beating these games - you should be absolutely crushing them. The trick to doing this is to disregard a lot of “correct” poker and get way out of line at the right times. The methods required are far from obvious or intuitive but in Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Jonathan Little explains them in great detail.

Jonathan constructs a basic strategy to crush small stakes games and also identifies the adjustments that need to be made when facing more competent opposition.

You need this book if…

  • You frequently play small stakes no-limit hold’em
  • You usually play larger stakes but (especially live) often have to make do with smaller stakes games
  • You play tournaments (such as WSOP events) that feature numerous recreational players

This book covers many, many situations and I find the repetition of the same good advice for various situations to be helpful.

The book is long, and you probably won’t read it at one sitting, but it is worth the effort. And the organization makes it easy to return to sections you want to review.

Albert Hart, Professional Poker Player