Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games, Volume 2

The Practice

Jonathan Little 400 pages

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How well can you handle the complex situations that arise in live No-Limit cash game play? Leading professional Jonathan Little excels at this form of poker. Read this book and learn how to master the intricacies of this fascinating game.

Jonathan’s first book in this series, Jonathan Little on Live no-Limit Cash Games, Volume 1: The Theory, outlined how the modern professional plays the game. Now Jonathan has produced a second volume, allowing players to test their understanding of the nuances of playing NL live.

The question and answer format allows the reader to examine each individual hand, consider the relevant factors and formulate their thinking about the best line to take. In this way the reader can compare his or her thought processes with those of a top flight professional.

No-Limit play is all about successfully adapting your strategy based on:

  • The pre-flop action
  • Whether you are the aggressor
  • Whether you are in position
  • The relative stack sizes at the table

Testing yourself by going through the examples in this book will enable you to make these adaptations instinctive. 


If you want to increase your win rate in live no-limit cash games, then you've come to the right place...

Because I taught a comprehensive 3-hour webinar where I revealed my BEST tips and strategies on how to beat live no-limit cash games...

These recordings will help you quickly plug your biggest leaks and learn how to increase your win rate in cash games.

Here are the topics I covered on this cash game webinar:

Developing a Sound Strategy
The Five Things You Must Pay Attention To in Live Cash Games
Preflop Raise Sizing in Low and High Stakes Cash Games
How to Extract Maximum Value
Generic Early Position Opening Range
Generic Middle Position Opening Range
Generic Cutoff Opening Range
Generic Button Opening Range
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Tight and Passive
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Loose and Passive
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Tight and Aggressive
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Loose and Aggressive
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Calling Stations
Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Maniacs
Common Leaks of Amateurs
Common Leaks of Weak Players
Common Leaks of Aggressive Players
Table Selection
Seat Selection
Bankroll Management
How Much to Take to the Table
Common and Reliable Tells
Life Leaks

In this webinar, I also review actual hand examples from my own live cash game sessions to show you how I put my best cash game strategies into practice at the tables.

This webinar will give you a blueprint to follow in your own cash game sessions to help you eliminate your leaks and maximize your ROI.


The full series contains 11 videos in 05:31:46

  • live cash games p1 (26:07)
  • live cash games p2 (29:02)
  • live cash games p3 (32:27)
  • live cash games p4 (29:58)
  • live cash games p5 (35:46)
  • live cash games p6 (31:45)
  • jl_$10 $20 hu nl cash (34:31)
  • jl for ftt 1-2 cash (35:59)
  • cash_game_secrets3 (32:35)
  • cash_game_secrets4 (39:44)
  • livecashgames trailer (03:52)

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