Mastering Small Stakes Cash Games

A Comprehensive Approach to Winning at Poker

Evan Jarvis 360 pages

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Mastering Small Stakes Cash Games is a book where the key word is “mastering”.

The author, Evan Jarvis, is a professional poker player and highly respected poker coach. He takes a slightly different approach to that used by most poker coaches. The absolute fundamental, as always, is to help players master cash game play but Jarvis takes a holistic approach, recognising that being able to master people and master yourself are equally important in order to achieve poker success.

In order to succeed in cash play it is essential to have a rock solid pre-flop and post-flop game-plan. However, there are other factors to successful play (e.g. game selection, seat selection, buy-in level etc.) that are often neglected. These can be equally important and are all addressed.

Do you want to…

  • Make a good side income from your hobby?
  • Feel confident and in control when you play?
  • Be satisfied with your performance at the end of every session, regardless of the outcome?

Mastering Small Stakes Cash Games will help you achieve these aims and much more besides.   

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