Modern Poker Theory: The Tournament Workbook

A Practical Approach to GTO Tournament Play

Michael Acevedo 336 pages

Publishing: MARCH 2025 EUROPE/APRIL 2025 US

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In 2019, D&B Poker published the ground-breaking work, Modern Poker Theory by leading poker theorist Michael Acevedo. This became an instant modern classic and many players regarded it as the greatest poker book ever written.

Modern Poker Theory: The Tournament Workbook is the perfect companion volume. It is designed to be a completely practical guide to implementing GTO (game theory optimal) strategies at the table. It shows you how to apply the mechanics of GTO to any situation you encounter in tournaments, either pre-flop or post-flop. Fundamental GTO principles are analysed with an emphasis on applying the results to practical play. The opportunity to solve GTO puzzles then tests the reader’s knowledge and enables leaks to be fixed.

The most profitable way to play poker is to have an exploitative style of play. However, such a style must be underpinned by a sound knowledge of GTO principles. This book will give you that knowledge. 

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