The 100 Biggest Mistakes That Poker Players Make

Alexander Fitzgerald 400 pages

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Poker players make mistakes. All the time. And the mistakes they make are predictable and exploitable. The problem is, most people don't know what these mistakes are!

No longer. In this book, the highly experienced professional player and leading poker coach, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald identifies and analyzes the 100 BIGGEST mistakes that poker players make.

Your opponents are certainly perpetuating these errors but you may be making some of them too. This book shows you how to identify and fix these leaks in your own game and also how to exploit the other players who are making them.

If you can avoid the 100 biggest mistakes that poker players make then you will be 99% of the way towards NL Hold'em excellence.

Over a period of 15 years, Alex Fitzgerald has taught literally thousands of poker students. He understands better than anyone the typical mistakes that are made and how to exploit them. He also has a gift for clear and simple explanations. When Alex tells you something – it is easy to remember.    

Poker books are insightful and helpful, but sometimes it can be difficult to remember each concept they address. In this new series, you will be able to test yourself on the most important concepts Alex Fitzgerald addressed in his three poker books. Through more than four hours of testing, you will get to drill key concepts again and again. Once these fundamentals are a part of you, you will be ready to dominate any poker game you play. 



Short Stack open jam Playing at a loose passive table 

When should we raise preflop?

Looking left/ Who's going to 3bet us? 

The multi-way pot assumption 

Facing a 3bet 

When to cbet Table selection 

When to give up on a bluff/ When to triple barrel 


Preflop Facing a loose player 

Cold Calling Preflop

It's not because you've 3bet that you MUST continue the story 

What to do when facing a big call? (The thought process) 

Don't forget to ask yourself: What are you going to do on the river? 

Don't be scared to 3bet them. It's free money. 

Pay attention to showdowns 4 card flop 

Flopzilla analysis of why & when you should cbet vs a loose opener/3bet caller 



SB vs BB theory, in BB facing a limp from SB 

BTN vs BB theory 

Can I 3bet?

If I 3bet, who's going to 4bet me? 

North Americans love to open too much and not fold enough to 3bets 

Calling flop with high cards when you know you'll fold turn

Flopzilla analysis facing BB check/raise 

When there is no need to balance 

Sometimes it's about simplifying your work 

We do not want to fall prey to someone using the 3bet against us 

On the lookout for those "inflection point" stacks 

Hand selection to check/raise 

Large preflop raise vs limpers 



Facing the generic low to mid stakes player 

Multiway pots theory 

Making big calls, what to ask yourself? 

3betting loose openers 

Facing the min 4 bet 

Timing for a trap 

Shoving 25 to 30bb 

Every time I play poker I make mistakes 

The river bet! 

Flopzilla analysis b vs b 

The miss draw illusion 



Extensive Check/Raise theory 

Cold calling range theory 

What do high cards do on this board? 

Hammer that big blind 

Multiway pot theory/Big bets 

Bet sizes & capped ranges 

Buying the showdown 

CO-Weak Aces opens 

Don't check/raise bluff the guy who doesn't want to fold 

Betting with a purpose.

What are you targeting? 




BTN vs BB cbet theory 

Focusing on the fundamentals 

Extensive cbet theory 

Don't force plays, accept that sometimes that's poker (referring to the raise,cbet doesn't work, over and over and then getting impatient)

Getting a little out of line vs low to mid stakes players with bet sizes that cap our range 

Getting the very loose/passive player all to ourself 

No cowboy sh*t, stick to the plan

If you make sure you secure the big pots you can make a lot of mistakes 

Get that river value! 

Most players don't want to see reality on reality's terms when playing cards 



3betting Ep Openers 

3 betting OOP 

Facing a 3bet

It's easy to do these plays in isolation; you have to make sure you are, actually, doing them when you play 

Sb vs Bb theory / check/raising theory 

Facing a river bet. Do your process. No one factor analysis 

Squeezing theory 

Pairs are good HU 

The river bet is a big deal Hand reading fundamentals 

Overbetting on the turn 



Not capping your range with your bet size 

Well if they don't fold, take advantage 

Bet/Folding is an option! 

Get that thin value Low to mid stakes players don't like folding much 

Multiway pots theory b vs b betting theory

Doing a cute 3bet 

You just gotta pump the breaks and let it go 

3betting weak aces/ reverse implied odds 

Donk betting theory 

Slow playing sets/ Capping your range 



Check/raising or donk leading? 

Timing tell theory 

Check/raising theory 

Entitlement tilt, avoid it but make money off of it 

Turning your hand into a bluff 

Being careful buying the showdown multiway 

Poker is a game of failure 

Making a thin call 

Be a detective, action on earlier streets really give off hand range tells 

Slow it down play less tables when you're starting 

Deep stack / cold calling, a rare exception 

Buying a turn card 

Most solutions are awkward...get comfortable with awkward 

Sometimes someone does a reckless play against you and it works, that's okay, happens to all of us 



Donk Leading Implied odd theory 

Always gamble AGAINST someone having a thin fold in them 

The small cbet spam and it's advantages 

Slowplaying theory 

Use probabilistic thinking, it's an EDGE 

Nothing is black and white at the poker table, shades of grey 

You're playing low to mid stakes competition not high stake pros 

Thinking actively at the table 

Repetition is the father of learning

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